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Dr. Adkins

Dr. Greg Adkins worked for Dr. Shannon during high school. He purchased the clinic from him right out of vet school in 1980 and decided to keep the clinic’s name. At that time, ClayDesta had not been built and he can tell you stories about how sand blew into the clinic during its construction. Dr. Adkins has a son, Russell, who has two children as well as a stepson, Tim, who has three children. One of his big projects now is managing some ranchland near Coleman that his dad passed on to him. Dr. Adkins collects cactus and grows his own hot peppers.

Dr. Brown

Dr. Morgan Brown worked for Dr. Shannon in high school. His first day on the job, he met Greg (Dr. Adkins) who was just leaving for college. You can imagine how surprised he was when Greg turned out to be his best friend’s roommate at Texas A&M! And so, when he graduated from vet school in 1982, it was natural for him to take a look at working for Dr. Adkins. They became partners in 1984 and have been blessed with some common interests and philosophy. Dr. Brown enjoys camping and fishing. He and his wife, Linda, have two sons.

Dr. Miles

Dr. Sofia Miles had a full scholarship and was most of the way through vet school in Brazil when she transferred to Oklahoma State University. She wanted to be closer to her mother and stepdad who live in Pennsylvania. She was the first noncitizen the school had accepted into the veterinary program and so, had to jump through all the hoops they required which demonstrates how family comes first for Sofia. By chance, the man she was dating while at Oklahoma State came to Midland for training and she wanted to come here for an internship. She married Matthew, graduated, and started working with us in the spring of 2013. They now have a daughter and a son.